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Hiya, I'm a 22 year old British Pakistani FPS streamer. I am the Co-Founder and content manager of KYZENKru. Met so many people through streaming who I now call friends so hopefully, I can continue making some more. Drop in and say hello to join the DP gang


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There is really no need to donate, however if you do I will love you forever. All money I make from Twitch goes straight back into the community, either by gifting to others, or upgrading my setup :) All donations are non-refundable.


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Monday: 11:30 Wednesday: 11:30 Friday: 11:30 Saturday: 11:30 Tournaments are also streamed at differing times <3

About me

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My names Dan, a 22 year old from the UK living in London. I am a recent Uni graduate, who is currently working part time alongside streaming and KYZEN. Love football, music and making real connections with people over the internet. Come say hello so we can learn a little bit more about each other <3