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Pro Fortnite player for Sentinels


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Don't forget to follow my twitter so you always know when I'm live!

About Me

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Hi my name is Tyler and I am currently a Professional player for "Sentinels" for Fortnite.

PC Specs

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[CPU: i9 9900k] [GPU: GeForce GTX 2080 [Ram: 16GB GSkill RipJaws] [Cooling: H100i v2 Water Cooling] [Mouse: Zowie Ec2-A] [Mousepad: Zowie GSR] [Keyboard: Ducky 60% mini] [Monitor: Asus vg248qe 144HZ]


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There are no rules. Just don't be a straight up asshole. You will be instantly banned for racial slurs and virus links.


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Tips are not needed but are very appreciated and all the tip will be going towards the stream to make it better! Top D's: Bodog-$208.00 Ahnhani_920501-$20.00 Collin-$10.000