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sloppy movement boi

You what?

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Hopefully I get to make this an active platform

Yea, dat me

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25 Passionate about building a vibrant community beyond the daily grind. A dedicated gamer, I'm drawn to the adrenaline rush of horror survival games, especially titles like "Resident Evil." While I might come off as reserved, I genuinely enjoy engaging in conversations when prompted. Proudly in a loving and fulfilling relationship for over two years. Let's connect and share some epic gaming moments!

Dem Specifications

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CPU - Ryzen 9 GPU - EVGA 2070 SUPER RAM - HyperX Fury 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ PSU - Corsair RM 850X STORAGE - a bunch of them MOBO - MSI X570 GAMING PLUS CASE - Fractal Define 7 Compact Peripherals MIC - HyperX Quadcast S KEYBOARD - Custom Keyboard (KBDFANS Blade 60 keyboard) MOUSE - Razer Viper Mini CONTROLLER - Dualshock 4 and 5 HEADSET - ASTRO A40