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Live! Random Baked Goods!


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Random Baked Goods a live stream from 2009. Featured live at Anime Expo 2016, hiatus because life, back from the dead with better production values. Your host: Mark Likes: 2D girls. Games. Dislikes: Vegetables. Anyone who disagrees with Best Girl.


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1) I'm bad at reading chat but respond to everything and everyone! Please give me a moment, especially if it's a game I'm still trying to figure out. 2) Let me know of any issues with the stream. (Especially audio) 3) This channel is M for Mature. 4) I know these much aren't for rules but we pretty lax around here so if you get muted or banned, you know why.

Fan Art & Merch

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Want to support the stream? We have BITS integration with Twitch! Or check out the sweet merch on my merch store: All merch and art is designed by the Random Baked Goods team. Sales go directly to supporting the stream. Even the "Offline" Image is actually from a DMG shirt available in the shop! You'll even see Mark wear merch on stream. ~Product Placement~


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[Camera]( [Headset]( [Wired Headset]( [Microphone]( + [XLR Adapter]( + [Mic Stand] ( [Entry Level Microphone]( [Dream Microphone]( [Speakers]( [Lights]( PC: [Mouse]( + [Mousepad]( [Monitor]( + [Desk Mount]( [Case]( [CPU Cooler]( i7 8700K (outdated) Asus ROG Strix Z370-I (outdated) EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 [2x Samsung Pro 970 512GB]( 32GB Corsair Platinum 3200Mhz 1000W Corsair Platinum PSU
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