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Howdy, here to make ya smile and take your granny while were at it


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Whats happenin' the names Voxien or LuCas for short (Yes the 'C' is capitalized dont ask). I'm 19 years young from the glorious city of Edmonds, Washington. I'm on this streaming platform to make y'all laugh and share a good time. I play MOBA's and Shooters but always down for game suggestions. Have a beautiful day!


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1. Any yuck mouths will be banned 2. No links or chat spam unless hyped up 3. Thats gunna be a negative from me w/ CAPS 4. Its not the 1900's no racial slurs 5. Be nice to eachother dummies

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I'm a broke boy, any donations are very much welcome, every single ounce of a donation goes towards improvements on stream equipment and giveaways! Click the button above to donate!