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Jabdrunk streams Legends of Runeterra and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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I love to play fighting games, beat-em-up games, RPGS, hearthstone, and Runterra. My biggest addiction genre of music right now is EDM, and trap. I'm an MMA addict, and boxing addict. (*****) My Achievements in the FGC:(*****) 8th Cencal (SFV) 2016 8th Lunar Tourney 2016 (SFV) 65th out of 5000 Evo 2016 (SFV) 2nd Afk Qualifier 2016 (SFV) 5th AFK Tilt 2016 (SFV) 7th AFK Lunar Tourney (SFV) x2 1st Sharkade Tourney for Season 1 (3rd overall Season 1) (SFV) 1st Team Tourney 2vs2 Golfland Tourney (SFV) 1st Gaymercon Tourney(USIV) 32nd NCR 2015 5th Fanime SFV tourney 2015 5th Fanime Sf4 98th out of 1979 EVO 2014 Games I usually play: -Hearthstone -Runterra Ladder


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My collection of tourneys I entered.


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