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Games, and tank tops what more you need

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Im a dude who streams at totally random intervals. you can find me @jadahawk on most socials
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Insta-Bans 1) Do not disrespect people in my chat or in my fireteam. 2) do not talk negatively about any streamer or community member 3) Respect my mods. My mods have swords for a reason and if they ban you I will back that decision. Purges/timeouts 1) Don't self promote. be active in my chat and odds are I will promote you myself. Whisper me if you stream! And are looking to be promoted. 2) Age talk. Just keep it out age doesn't matter on twitch. 3) Don't be that guy/girl/grill my mods are excellent and will tease me more than all of you, just don't take it to far. other than that just have fun and be respectful


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Who needs friends? glory is forever nah for real though hit up @imqulsive to see amazing work great dude did my branding