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Neque dicas, quid neque.

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I'm jaku, my Twitch account is so old that it's old enough to stream. I worked in information security for over 16 years before stumbling into running Warp World and building tools for content creators and gamers. Sites like [Multi-Queue](, [Crowd Control](, [1UpCoin]( and [Turnip.Exchange]( Are just some of the things we have built under Warp World. I dabble and work on many side projects as well. I like to play games but really enjoy figuring out how they work and will end up spending more time figuring that out than playing them. I've been using the name jaku on just about everything I can so chances are if you see a ginger named jaku somewhere else, it's gonna be me. Check out my []( page for more information!
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**Links/URLs** If you want to share a link you will need permission first. Try to keep the link relevant to the current discussion. Posting links in chat without permission will immediately receive a timeout. **Long Messages** Try to keep messages under 2 lines. It will be easier for me to read and if you have more to say wait until I notice. ;) **Avoid Excessive Vulgarity** I'm not saying you can't swear, we all do it and I'll even do it on the stream I'm sure. But let's not start using curses as every other words to convey a message. Let's show some restraint. Also this should go without saying, but racial slurs/attacks are absolutely prohibited and will not be tolerated. **Overall \ TLDR** In the immortal words of Bill and Ted "Be excellent to each other." Let's just play some games and have some fun, try not to take things too seriously but don't say something that you wouldn't want someone to say to you.
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