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Hi I'm James, a Filipino-Kiwi comedian - you may have seen me on New Zealand TV somewhere or maybe Tiktok? Who knows, you probably haven't. Regardless - come chill, play games and draw with me.

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Hello! Kia Ora! I’m James, a Filipino-Kiwi comedian. I usually tell jokes onstage but I also love games and drawing so if you love those too then I guess we should hang out here. And yes - Earth is going through a rough time at the moment so I'm streaming live from the moon. Grab your spacesuit and come hang out.
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I've set up a server for us all to hang out and share memes on. If you're an artist of any kind - I'd also love to see stuff you make! It's fairly new so come help me set it up and get it going.
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It's not compulsory but any tips are greatly appreciated and will go towards helping me improve the stream - whether its quality or consistency of schedule. Thanks!