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I get paid to break bits of aeroplane and then say something intelligent about how and why it broke. DFTBA!

Channel Information

No set schedule. I am in the BST (GMT+1) timezone and stream in the evenings and on weekends. I like to nitpick and over-analyse, that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the game :).

Chat Rules

1) Don't forget to be awesome. 2) That means: no racism, sexism, queerphobia, ableism, or other forms of hate. If people in chat ask you to stop using a certain term because it makes them uncomfortable, honour that request. 3) See rule number 1 4) No spoilers please.


I stream a lot of different games, depending on what takes my fancy. Currently on the menu; ME:A, Train Sim, Flight Sim (both World and X), and Agents of Mayhem