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Business inquiries: Wizard of Solo, Complainer of Bows, Clicker of Heads, Slammer of Desks, Eater of Chicken Dinners and Wiper of Squads I stream 7 days a week starting at 12PM(noon) Pacific Standard Time.


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Season 1(PT3) Rank 1 Wizard Season 2?(EA) Rank 1 Wizard All Seasons Rank 1 Pickpocket I'm just a chill full time gamer who enjoys MMO's, competitive shooters, exploring the vast digital landscape, guarding Fabernum and seeing what the world has to offer. Dark and Darker <3 Rainbow Six: Siege Counter-Strike Valorant World of Warcraft(classic) DayZ Rocket League Squad Valheim Marauders Battlefield


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I9-13900k MSI 4070TI DDR5 ??? RGB Monitor: Predator AW2518HF Alienware 240hz 1080p Mice: Finalmouse Air58, OG Finalmouse, Finalmouse Tenz Edition Keyboards: Drop ALT + homemade Holy Pandas! Corsair Full size with Cherry Pinks Headset: Audio Technica AD500's Mic: AT-2035 w/ Focusrite