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cozy angel | variety gaming mon/fri @3pm pdt & asmr wed @7pm pdt


+ no backseating or spoilers please (unless i ask directly) + no politics, nsfw, or other sensitive topics in chat (stop when asked to stop) + don't harass others and don't spam. (dont be weird or annoying) + no roleplay in chat (it makes me uncomfortable) + do not share your age in chat (stay safe online please)


#main model >## design: []( "also known as yasu" ) >## art & rig: []( "also known as shuu" ) #chibi/old model >## design & art: []( "also known as yasu" ) >## rig: i did it myself T^T #profile picture: >[]( "also known as nekku" ) #emotes: >[]( "also known as shuu" ) >[]( "also known as linny" ) >[]( "also known as mith" )