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Welcome to the Basement! So far this channel has been just me messing around on the PS4 with my friends. We think we are funny and think other people might think we are funny. Come on out and Join me for my Weekday LunchStreams and also for my Weekend PS4 Streams, typically with special guest! Hope to see you soon!


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Due to me starting a Master's program at Biola University in Aug '17. My schedule has greatly diminished. My current schedule is very dependent on my homework, but I try to be on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to Midnight PST. A few special streams will be happening soon, specifically a Launch Stream for Assassin's Creed Origins and for Star War's Battlefront II. Can't wait to see you all out there!


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Would you like to support my channel? Well if so, I really appreciate it. Please understand that donation (or subscriptions) are not by any means required. I will be very appreciative of them, but they are not required! But if you are insistent, Click on the game cartridge above and you will be whisked away to my donations page. This Channel isn't about making money, if I do, great, but if I don't, that is perfectly fine as well. If you want to give in other ways, I have a few wishlists put together. - [Normal Donations]( - [Amazon Wishlist]( - [Steam Wishlist]( Understand please, that if you do give, it is of your own free will, with no expectations of getting anything in return for it...except hopefully an entertaining channel.


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Seems like everyone has them, so I will to. I plan on this being mostly an all-ages stream. That being said, I often play with others, and I can't always control their language. So please, parents, if you want your kids to watch, just be aware of that. As far as Chat rules, I don't want a lot of foul language, be kind, we are just here to have fun. No bullying, No discrimination. We need to love one another. Yes, I want to have fun, and maybe poke some fun, but it has to be funny to all parties. Use common sense, if you don't think you should say probably shouldn't **Backseat Gaming** - *described as offering unsolicited advice, describing what comes next, or even saying "You'll like this next part"* Is highly discouraged, I play games for fun. And while there may be times I need help, often times the fun part is figuring the problems out myself. And if it is new game, then I want to enjoy the story without any sort of spoilers. If you absolutely want to say something, ask permission first.

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I don't know who really wants to know about me, but here goes. I'm a life-long gamer who now lives near Los Angeles, CA, with his wife, two dogs (Mac & Tosh) and our Bunny (Milo). New Job in West Hollywood as a Senior Director of IT. I've been gaming since I was little, started on an Atari and graduated through consoles. Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega, Sega Saturn, Xbox, Playstation, Xbox 360, Playstation 4. I've also been a PC gamer most of that time as well. Some of my favorite Genres are RPGs, Real-time Strategy, and FPS. But I still enjoy Racing Games, Sports Games...and just about any time of Game. Not sure I can do favorite games WoW was a huge one for me, as was the Diablo Series, and Warcraft and Starcraft. Command and Conquer have been favorites for a long time. Heroes of Might and Magic was always a great series. I'm sure there are more. As for me, I am also an artist of the Graphic and Martial varieties. I enjoy a lot of different things and hopefully we can all get to know each other soon!


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Do you want to donate on a regular basis, but don't want to forget? Well then, why not subscribe to the channel! I will be setting some new perks for different levels. As always, this is not required by any stretch of the imagination but is always appreciated!