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Ello, Guild Master JcAngel trying to build up this guild with supportive people who will look out for each other! \(^▽^)/Plan to play a variety of games from Horror to Fps to RTS. Drawing is also part of my streaming goals to get better and one day amaze people with my art \(★ω★)/

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Guild Rules ~ Respect the mods ~ Respect each other ~ Respect the Streamer ~ Try to avoid controversial topics please! ~ No political stuff please! ~ No self promotion ~ Anything that looks like personal information about anyone will be removed, please protect yourself and others Z finally convinced me to do this Rules will be added as needed *Failure to follow the rules may result in a ban or time out Please respect the rules yeet!
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Welcome to the Guild, You can call me Jc or Angel i dont mind either way. I Love playing a variety of games like Hunt, Apex, project zomboid, Zelda etc. and plan to stream.... More often one day lol. Im usually dead tired cause of work but im glad to met u!
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