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Hi! I'm Jelly Craven, I'm a Horror (main focus) & variety streamer and I occassionally do IRL streams! I'm very jumpy, sometimes use a heart rate monitor and love to talk! Autistic & ADHD with a very open community! 🤍

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**Thanks for checking out my channel! Hey!** **My name is JellyCraven, you can call me Jelly! I'm Autistic and ADHD and my community is Neurodivergent *First* ..That means it is a safe space for us and all your quirks, info dumping and fixations are welcome here!** **I love gaming and making new friends through Twitch. I love interacting with chat! I love horror games and I use my heart rate monitor to show on screen how scared I am! I am 100% centered around having a good time with my viewers ❤**
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**My stream schedule for HORROR streams is Mon-Sat 8PM. Any streams outside of this may be focused around literally anything else but all evening streams will be horror based.**