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Borderlands/Wonderlands challenge runs of all kinds and with all playable characters.

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I play Borderlands 2 (and now Wonderlands) challenge runs: 1life, allegiance, and other restrictions. All of the vault hunters are my favorite. My goal is always to entertain, so chat and interaction is a priority.
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**Current Playthrough** Graveborn X Spore Warden **Current BL2 Challenge:** 1-Life Krieg (PB: 39) **Previous/Open Challenges** Moxxi Allegiance Gaige (50) 1-Life Axton (PB: 49) Bandit Allegiance Maya (50) sh0tgun 0nly zer0 (80) 1-Life no skill points (23)
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- Please be respectful to everyone - No spoilers, where applicable The games I stream are intended for mature audiences.