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I'm an Australian guy in Melbourne, he/him. I stream a variety of games, generally streaming my first plays.

jesterfraud (he/him)

I'm jesterfraud (or Liam), an Australian guy in Melbourne. I stream a variety of games, generally streaming my first plays. I've been streaming since November 18, 2022. I have a lovely cat named Phoebe, and my other main hobby is swing dancing (some videos [here]( and [here]( ## Favourite Games of All Time - Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Final Fantasy X & XIV - Front Mission 3 & 4 - Master of Orion 2 - Persona 5 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Golden Sun - Lost Odyssey I've also spent a _lot_ of time in these games in the past, but not so much any more: - FFXIV - Destiny 2 - Warframe


# Rules 1. Be considerate, everyone should be able to have a good time here. Absolutely no conduct that is hateful or dehumanizing towards others. 1. Pay attention to the NoSpoilers/NoBackseating tags. Spoilers/backseating includes **asking questions that are actually hints**. 1. If you're a streamer: it's fine to mention your own stream, provided you're not here _just_ to do that. Otherwise, I like to hear about it! 1. If something crosses a line, I'll try to call it out in a judgement free way. If you don't make a big deal out it, then we're all good. 1. Timeouts and bans are at my discretion, and may not be a clear result of breaking the rules. If you can read the room, and respect the previous point, this shouldn't happen to you.

Advice & Hints

When playing games for the first time, I really want to enjoy that magic. If you want to get involved and offer advice or hints, I'll appreciate it if it's one of the following: - A specific answer to a specific question I've asked chat to answer. I frequently think out loud to myself, so don't answer unless I use the phrase **potato butter**. - An important thing I could expect to find in help text, tutorials in the game, or a game manual. - Asking if I want to hear about something I've clearly missed (e.g. I'm moved on to the next area) If you're not sure if something would be appreciated or not, ask me for some examples of advice I appreciate.


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# Music Most music is from Epidemic Sound, used under licence. Finishing screen uses _[Beneath the Mask]( from _[Coffee Date]( by _[Coffee Date]( Licensed under [CC BY-SA 4.0]( # Emotes Some emotes have been created by other streamers - check the emote attribution for more details.