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Adapt to any situation, space, or environment. Be water my friends.

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Stream Mafia is a community dedicated to helping each other grow on Twitch. We created a lurk system dedicated to helping people with views, and achieving affiliate on twitch. We will continue to improve our system and introduce more systems related to teamwork, interaction, persistence & growth. We're a fast growing community with many friendly active members, feel free to hangout and make our community yours


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**1. Why do you suck so bad?** Because I do. **2. What is your name?** Johnny, but you can call me Jiggz. **3. How old are you?** Old enough to party(22). **4. Ethnicity?** PANDA PANDA (Mulatto). **5. Do you sleep?** Sleep is for the weak. **6. What breed are your doggos?** Blue Nose Pit-Bull(Lilo), And Black Labrador (Bruno). **6. Music Playlist?** Click Here ➜ [Jiggzzz' Playlist](

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