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A pure Resident Evil & The Evil Within Survival Horror channel that has been around since early 2013!

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##Greetings, and welcome to the Channel! This is a Resident Evil & The Evil Within focused channel. The content you will see here is Resident Evil/Evil Within marathons, challenge / best rank runs, storyruns, usually on the harder difficulty! Feel free to ask questions in chat, hope you enjoyed your stay here don't forget to follow! _______________________________________ ##Stream Rules * English only * Don't backseat unless I ask chat * No controversial topics such as politics / religious and so on. * No self promoting * No spoilers, especially for newer games * Don't bring drama from other channels or bash other broadcasters * Please don't discuss if somebody gets timed out and so on. In general just try to have common sense, I just want to hang out and play video games.


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##What is a SUB BUTTON and why should I sub? A Sub button is an OPTIONAL way of supporting the streamer but half goes to the website and the other to the streamer. By subscribing you are helping me be able to do this as my full time job so each and every Subscriber is amazing! ##Subscriber Perks: * All ads/commercials will be removed! * A cool Sub Icon next to your name * Subscriber only emotes! * Ability to post links freely
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[CLICK HERE TO DONATE]( All donations will be used for living expenses, internet, equipment for streaming etc. Donations are a boost & help me as a full time broadcaster to bring more content for you guys in the best quality possible! Thank you everyone who has supported the channel over the years. I don't do refunds, so please tip with care!