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Gamer, artist, writer, and musician.Veteran of the gaming industry.Occasionally I do test games, but they will never appear in the stream (NDA prevents that)

Back in the US and Streaming again :)

Ok.. yes I am streaming again. Just had hand surgery on Oct.6 2023. As my first 3 streams were close to or around 6 1/2 hours, I might have over done it a bit with the art work LOL and I kind of hurt my hand again. Not too bad, but just enough to let me know I might have over done it.. So no streams possibly from Oct.30th - Sat Nov.4th. Don't want to over do it while trying to recover. Thanks for understanding. And I'll try to get a regular schedule going. :)


Hi and thank you for visiting my stream. My name is Jilchath ( pronounced Jil - Kath ). I'm a gamer from north-eastern US also known as New England. I'm a Gamer, a musician, artist, and occasional writer, and 25 year veteran of the gaming industry and gaming. I'm an artist, as mentioned above and I tend to stream creative more often than games, but I'll try for a good balance.


Please use Net Etiquette: Bring good vibes & happy thoughts! No racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia. Don't post spoilers of any kind. No backseat gaming. Please only give advice if I ask.


Digital art, digital painting and drawing. Elite Dangerous: Horizons Mount and Blade: Warband Various games as they pique my interest.


Usually Monday - Friday Between 7am and 10pm EDT Still getting into things, streams can and will be.. umm.. Lets just wing it for now and be happy I'm back ok?