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Gamer, artist, writer, and musician.Veteran of the gaming industry.Occasionally I do test games, but they will never appear in the stream (NDA prevents that)

Streams halted while traveling through Asia

OK, quick update... I am now on the East coast, back where I started and am now starting to settle back down and have stopped traveling...mostly due to the travel restrictions these days. At the moment I'm unable to stream do to lack of space to set up the studio and things are a bit cramped when it comes to space to stream artwork. Hopefully I'll get things squared away and will be able to stream again soon. Thanks for following and hang in there, I will return to streaming as soon as I'm able. Thank you all for understanding. 03/31/2020 5/28/2019


Hi and thank you for visiting my stream. My name is Jilchath ( pronounced Jil - Kath ). I'm a gamer from north-eastern US also known as New England. I'm a Gamer, a musician, artist, and occasional writer, and 25 year veteran of the gaming industry and gaming. I'm an artist, as mentioned above and I tend to stream creative more often than games, but I'll try for a good balance.


Please use Net Etiquette: Bring good vibes & happy thoughts! No racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia. Don't post spoilers of any kind. No backseat gaming. Please only give advice if I ask.


Digital art, digital painting and drawing. Elite Dangerous: Horizons Mount and Blade: Warband Various games as they pique my interest.


Usually Monday - Friday Between 7am and 10pm EDT I'll try to get a more structured schedule. but for now...randomly during the week...sorry. There is a chance for week-end streams...just no set times