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Low tier trash

Thank You

Thank you for even taking the time to stop by and check out my channel I hope you enjoy it and become a regular part of my community.


I now work in Kuwait (times are in Arabian Standard Time) so the main times I will stream are: Monday: 8PM till I stop Tuesday: 3PM - 8PM Wednesday: 3PM - 8PM Central Times are: Monday: 12PM till I stop Tuesday: 7AM - 12PM Wednesday: 7AM - 12PM Streams times can change depending on how i'm feeling.


I have been playing mostly Apex Legends but since season 13 i'm looking into different and random games feel free to suggest a game for me to play.

About me

I'm 29 and just a guy trying to play games, chill, and hangout with some cool peeps. Feel free to stop by and talk.