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Video gamer and all around chill streamer. Thanks to ethy aka ethrilis for the artwork in my profile picture as well as the overlays.

About me

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Hello my name is Jimmy. I am getting back into streaming and playing video games. When I am not playing video games you can usually find me netflixing or hanging out with friends or sleeping....Usually sleeping. Age:29 Games I like: Destiny 1/2, Kingdom Hearts 1-3, Overwatch, Apex Legends,Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon WIldlands and much more. Dislikes: Chocolate (Im weird I know....but you can have my chocolate so it works out), most sweets (im a picky eater), sodas (i dont like the fizzyness), and more id be here all day really if i were to list them all. Wanna know anything else? Please feel free to DM me

Chat Rules

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*No Politics or Religion (These subjects tend to get heated and divide chat and I would like to avoid this in my streams) *No Personal attacks/insults *No Cyber Bullying *No Harassment (Sexual or otherwise) *No Promoting streams (Self or others) *No posting links in chat (Permits will be allowed in certain circumstances. If you want a clip to be posted DM me or a mod and we will post it and we will give you credit in the post) *If you see ethrilis aka ethy in chat Comment on the BANG UP job they did on the artwork done on my channel (Not really a rule just a suggestion) *IN SUMMARY: Be kind in my chat and listen to my mod(s) and I and there will be no issues
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1st of all dont ever feel obligated. Just there if you want too.