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Hi! i'm a culinary & agriculture student, the goal is to build a farm to table restaurant, i do cooking and gaming streams just for fun =) no need to follow and this is a free channel. I purposely not advertise my streams because i want it to be semi private as much as possible,like a secret stream!

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What do i stream? Cooking stream and ps5 games. Ethnicity: Filipino Age: Old... Languages: Tagalog, English, little bit of Spanish and some words in Japanese. Hobbies: gaming, cooking, Gardening, Gym workouts and i am a triathlete. Location: Fruit farm with 3 dogs (Puti, Pipo & Poki)and 2 cats (Cara & Boris). Please take note that i am a student and i don't priorities streaming i am just doing this to record my cooking and gaming so that i can one day have something to look back and when i cook i am too focus on what i am doing and can't look at chat all the time. But i will try my best to reply ASAP, Enjoy my chill cooking streams! =)