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Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy my stream. I will try my best to be as active with my viewers as possible. I will be doing giveaways, and special follower events. Thanks again, and if you do enjoy yourself please hit that follow button, it would help me out a lot.

About me.

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Hello, and welcome to my stream. First off thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy your stay. Please hit that follow button if you're enjoying the stream! I'm back after 5 years of no gaming. Working my way back up the ranks! Thanks again for stopping by! -JoeKer


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Any and every donation is much appreciated! Thanks to anyone who supports my stream. All donations will go to improving my stream. Allowing me to stream more often. All donations over $.50 will read on stream. Donations allow me to keep streaming something I love doing for you guys. They also allow me to purchase things for more awesome giveaways. Thanks so much in advance.

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Panel Content This is my steam profile, feel free to donate skins for giveaways (I may use your skin though :D ) . Thanks to all in advance! I accept all skins/cases/keys/games


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Get great deals on games. All games with nice discounts. Save some money and help me out at the same time :D


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Okay added a video, a lot more to come!


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Follow me on Twitter, and see ever time I go live :D

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**TOP DONATIONS** 1. Bravoma07 - $450.00 2. SeanMccullough - 200$+ in skins! 3. Gewby - 90$ + in game. 4. Endwells - 50$ in skins plus all my overall items 5. PwnzMcbonez - $5.12 6. FrenzyKilla - $5.00 7. Clonecones - $1.72 8. Brittleif - Counter-Strike GO alt account. 9. Mikm0nk0 - $.18 Thank you all so much! :D