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A frozen Canadian who loves to play games and code!


I'm a Canadian with a passion for programming, video games, and community. You can find me streaming here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This is an 18+ stream and I ask that you respect that as well as each other. If you enjoy the vibe here I hope you stick around and become an active community member! One Peace, One Love Joel


- Minecraft (hardcore mode & Noobcraft) - Factorio - Oxygen Not Included - Breath of the Wild (master mode)


I would like to build things on stream with you. Share your ideas in the chat! #### Current Projects - Minecraft Datapack Creator ### Current Ideas - Tutorial Series - Learn something with me - Chat games - DIY Stream Deck


You can support the stream by watching, following, cheering, subscribing, and hanging out. You being here is appreciated and all that is needed :)