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Hello I'm Joe, I'm from the UK and a variety streamer who loves playing most genres of games (especially survival horror) or a good throwback game. I usually stream weekdays 4-7pm and the occasional 8 - late. Everyone is welcome :)

Stream Rules

1. Everyone is welcome to watch these streams as long as you are respectful to other people watching the stream and myself. 2. Please respect the mods. They do a great job and keep this stream a safe place for all to enjoy. Their decisions are final so please don't argue with them (they will boot yo ass out of here) 3. No spamming or constant attention seeking please. I try to reply when I can but If it seems I'm ignoring you then there's probably a good reason for it. 4. This channel, along with everything else I do on the internet is purely for light hearted entertainment. Always has and always will be. If you wish to have deep debates about sensitive topics I politely ask you do so elsewhere. 5. Please no spoilers or backseat gaming in the chat when playing a story based game UNLESS I get stuck and ask for help (which is usually quite often) 6. feel free to clip funny moments from the streams (and pop them in the discord) but please do not rip entire streams and distribute them elsewhere unless you have my permission.
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