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I am a born gamer. I love video games! They are my greatest passion! Upcoming Tournament Competitor, Commentator, and Streamer. Just a Family Man, Gamer, Music Lover, Animal Lover, Otaku, and God Gamer! Not enough room for me to say more! Hope you enjoy what happens here! :D

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I am on Twitter all the time and it is probably the easiest way to contact me and keep in touch! I am a down to earth and chill dude! Love to help people in gaming and teach them new things and am always down to chill! Feel free to hit me up and follow me if y'all want to!

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If you love Def Jam Fight For New York and want to join the Professional Tournament Scene (as a Player or Spectator) and want to be kept updated on Def Jam FFNY related events and news or join the Online Matchmaking to play Net Play for this game, then join the Discord Link above! We will help you get set up to play the game and we got all you need to learn the new Tech and Meta to this game's NEWLY REVITALIZED Scene, including awesome skilled players like myself to help train anyone that wants to learn! You can join by clicking the image above, so get involved!

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If you like what you see and enjoy watching me stream, play, compete in tournaments, commentate, and more. PLEASE DONATE! I love Gaming, Streaming, Entertaining, Competing, etc. The more you guys donate, the more I can devote and dedicate myself to gaming and entertaining everyone! Additionally, any donations would help as I actually have a severe stomach issue that is not only crippling and incredibly painful, but it makes it hard to find a job and harder to keep one for long due to the pain and how long it can keep me "out of commission at work" so to speak. Doctors are trying to fix me and figure out what is wrong, but they feel really bad for me as they can tell it is quite severe and are having a hard time figuring out a fix (if there is one) Donating not only allows me to continue Streaming,Competing, and Entertaining, but it also helps me pay for these doctor bills and get closer to being better and being able to live a normal life!