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Just your typical rage induced scotsman.

About Me

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Names Jon From Scotland 25 Loves playing games and meeting new people to form a family/community and enjoy my time playing games. I don't really stream much these days honestly.

Directly Support The Stream!

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All donations are greatly appreciated but are never required all donations are non refundable so make sure you are donating the correct amount! Click the image and it shall take you to my StreamElements there you can choose the amount you wish to give from there, thank you! Three Honourable mentions here. Shura_raijin: you're a handsome bastard, I love you. Tha_Deicide: you're a great human being, CHEESEROLL BB PlagueTemplar; You are the absolute dog's bollocks. A true brother DISCLAIMER: By continuing past this page and completing the donation you agree that the money that is being tipped is completely yours and you acknowledge that this is a "donation" and no items will be sent or given to you in return for this gift. If a charge back is to occur this disclaimer page will be used as proof to paypal to dispute your claims. Last of all I want to thank everyone who does give, so thank you all for choosing to spend your hard-earned money at me, I love every one of you all, thanks for your extra support! <3

Stream Schedule

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Due to unknown sleep issues and mental health, having a consistent schedule is hard for me. I'm by no means a full time streamer, I stream for fun and to provide a place for everyone to hang out.

PC Specs/ Equipment

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Ryzen 5 7600x 32gb 6000mhz ram NZXT B7 b650e Gigabyte Aero 4080 2TB Gen4 SSD 1TB Gen4 SSD 144hz AOC (Main Monitor) 60Hz BenQ (Secondary)


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If you fail to accept these rules you will be granted a ban if you wish to appeal a ban message me or a mod on twitch and we can see what we can do. No racism No cyber-bullying Keep politics to a light flow. Be kind Respect other humans Listen to the mods, they're only trying to help! No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat Don’t spam words or use all-caps Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators Use the language spoken by me (so I can reply to what you are saying and other people in chat can understand the conversation) No advertising or self-promotion(Unless I allow) If you are banned, submit a unban request we will review everything and get you on the way.