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jooniejoone streams Music, Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Welcome to my channel

Hi! Welcome! k, here's where I'm coming from with this whole streaming thing. I don't see myself as an "entertainer." I'm here to hang out. When I stream, I envision all of us hanging out on a couch together. I just happen to be the one with the controller. So I'm never trying to be a "personality" or a "character." I am me, you are you, and we're chillin. I play Super Metroid and Link To the Past (individually and smz3-style) almost exclusively. Lately, I've also been playing the Final Fantasy 6 Worlds Collide rando. I generally try to go fast, but at the same time I try not to stress out or get hung up on things. Speed is fine, but I'm more interested in tech than going fast. Current PBs (except when I forget to update): any% - 51:39 100% - 1:27:49 GT Classic - 38:56 GT Spacetime - 17:56 RBO - 1:27:22 I post some of my content on youtube, so feel free to check that out as well. Anyway, say hi! I try to pay attention to chat, but sometimes I get overly focused or absorbed in the game. I promise I'm not ignoring you. If I don't respond, I just missed the message and I'm sorry. Just like yell at me or something and hopefully I'll see you. :)

any% times with different boss orders

KPDR (old route) - 51:39 PDRK - 54:59 PKDR - 55:27 PDKR - 56:36 PRDK - 57:26 KPRD - 57:27 PKRD - 57:36 PRKD (new route) - 57:36 KRDP - 57:46 KRPD - 59:52 DPRK (nk%) - 1:07:24 KDPR - 1:08:08 KDRP - 1:09:43 DPKR - 1:10:16 DKRP - 1:16:08 RPDK - 1:27:21 RDPK (rbo) - 1:27:22 DRKP - 1:28:45 DKPR - 1:29:20 DRPK - 1:32:16 RKDP - 1:34:52 RKPD - 1:35:08 RPKD - 1:36:06 RDKP - 1:42:48 TOTAL TIME: < 29:35:26


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