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Hiya gang. I'm Jopus Opus. Comin' at ya with mostly Retro games along with some more modern favorites. Welcome on in and as always, CHEERS!

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About Me!

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I am Jopus Opus! Welcome to my channel! What do I play? I focus mostly on Retro (lots of SNES) but from time to time I can't resist some of the more current gems. Cuphead what have you done to me.... When do I play? Either Mondays or Tuesdays. 7pm PST. Rarely will I have an impromptu stream outside of those nights, but it CAN happen! Again, thanks for being here, and as always, Ya nice, ya big, ya handsome! Who could ask fo' mo'?


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Bit Donations!

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50 - A Wet Hot "NO!" 55 - Webster's "Idtiot" 65 - Hook's Great Game 70 - Lack of Hustle!?!? 88 - Mirror Match Bits! 90 - A Wet Hot Ride 100 - Bustin' Ghosts Never Looked Easier 133 - Pump your own damn Iron 150 - BeetleJopus' Qualifications 175 - Cohagen's Punishment 200 - Jopus has his Sunset Blvd. Moment 215 - The Magic of Giving Birth 250 - Ya done said something dumb. 295 - Sarah or the Racoon? You Decide! 400 - Do YOU have The Stuff? 500 - Loaded Weapon Jopus 1000 - Red Knight goin' DOWN! 1500 - Oh, you're tryin' to TOP THAT? 10000 - Please Don't Scare People.

Jopus' Projects!

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These are my other completed projects. I am currently working on my masterpiece. A nine foot tall and ten feet wide 8 bit Sephiroth. I'd love to show you what I have in mind but I don't want to spoil it. Ask me in my channel about how you can help!