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It’s me, Joshcv! Let's dive deep into the world of games and see what they can teach us. Business:

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**Hey it's me, Joshcv!** I'm a streamer and writer from California and I want to take you on an adventure through games.
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Follow me on social media to keep up to date on the stream and so we can chat off stream! [Twitter]( [Animal Crossing Instagram]( [Discord Invite]( Subscribe on YouTube for video essays on games and games culture! [SUBSCRIBE]( **Business:**
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**Always Rotating** Stardew Valley Pokemon **Current Single Player Game** Dark Souls 3 *Completed Games* Resident Evil 7 Inside Assassin's Creed Origins Little Nightmares Marvel's Spider Man Resident Evil HD Call of the Sea Spider Man Miles Morales NUTS Little Nightmares II **Nuzlockes** Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Crystal
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