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A bearded, Tattooed, Bad Mouthed, Scottish man... Who loves Tea don't judge the teapot... When i was younger i once lost a part of my brothers lego Jango Fett Slave-1 starship... He has never let me forget it!!


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>Logo designed by Th3Vidiot he is a legend! He also creates DMCA free music for your streams! check him out!! >Check out Th3 Vidiot on all your major streaming platforms for top quality DMCA free music. >**Spotify** >**Apple Music** >**Youtube Music**


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>Games I have completed on Stream: >**Resident Evil 7: Biohazard✅** >**Resident Evil 8: Village✅** >**Mass Effect Legendary Edition✅** >**Little Nightmares 1 & 2✅** >**Among the Sleep✅** >**In Sound Mind✅** >**A Plague Tale: Innocence ✅**


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>Tips are never required!! but they are greatly appreciated!

About me

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>**⚡Hey folks, call me J or Jotun⚡** whichever is more comfortable! I'm a variety streamer. >I've played games since I was a kid, Played through every console now I'm a DURTY PC *master race gamer* >Don't judge me. >I've been streaming since early May 2021 and I'm loving the journey I'm on! Love me some tea don't judge the teapot... >Well folks I'll leave it here say Hey when you're in chat!! >Peace J


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>⚡**Mental health safe stream** >⚡**Be Respectful** >⚡**Be Kind to everyone** >⚡**Don't tell me you're streaming while i am streaming, Stop trying to fish for my loyal people** >⚡**Don't be Racist, Sexist or Homophobic or you will be banned!** >⚡ **It's 2021 have a fun & relaxed time**


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I plan on streaming the days i have off of work, So at the moment these days are: >⚡**Wednesday 1pm onwards** >⚡**Thursday 1pm onwards** >⚡**Saturday 4pm onwards**


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>My main socials if ya'll wanna follow! I use them daily, Feel free to follow along.


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>Loving your time here! Want Ad free viewing? CAUSE WE ALL KNOW ADS ARE HORRENDOUS!!... Why not consider subscribing! This directly helps me out AND you get access to some snazzy Emotes & Sub badges! >**ALSO AMAZON PRIME SUBS** >Did you know Amazon Prime members get a **FREE** subscription with their Prime membership every month!! You can use Amazon prime to get all the same benefits! but it's free... so ya know... Winning! ⚡

The Shieldwall

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>The link above will take to my new discord called The Shieldwall >Of course don't spam, don't hate, just be a nice person. >Feel free to join!