Streaming Overwatch 2 with 1 viewer

Hello friends! I'm a Fighting game commentator and competitor but I love other games as well. Right now I play dead by daylight and some other emulated stuff

Who is Jox in a Box?

Thanks for stopping by, I'm Jox in a Box. I'm a musician with a couple of degrees that make good coffee mug rests. I have a cute pet snake named after a Forest Gump character. I'm involved with the Florida fighting game community as much as I can and I'm also a commentator around the state. SFV is my main game though I dabble in others.I'm also a part of the 2050esports team. I also plan to stream some GBA emulator games and also PS1 stuff. Any requests? Currently doing PS4 only sadly. If you enjoy the stream and content and would like to help out you can use !donate in the chat!

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