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Hey there, my name is Jpw03! Basically, I'm a less than professional gamer who's just here to have a good time and I absolutely love pineapples! :D (I normally stream 3-4 times a week!)

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When Jp is playing Chaos Minecraft, please refer to this chart for all bit amounts to create chaos!

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Tips are completely optional but if you want to tip me you can do so by simply clicking the picture above! :) Thanks so much for the support! <3


SCHEDULE: Check Discord for the weekly schedule! :D RULES: 1.Be nice to others! 2.Do not spam/swear excessively. (On this channel spam is considered more then 12 capital letters per message) 3.Listen to the Mods 4. Keep the conversation in the chat stream related, for all other conversations we have a discord which we'd love to chat with you on! 5.Have a good time and make some friends! :D


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If you wanna join the official JpWarriors discord click the golden JP! :D Followers get a special Warriors rank. Subscribers: Get a special Rank/Chat/VC and can use the emojis to show off in the discord chats!

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