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No es necesario renunciar a un sistema operativo libre y abierto para disfrutar de los videojuegos

GNU/Linux Player

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#¿Who saids you can not play on GNU/Linux? He is wrong, this channel shows you how is possible to play practically any game on GNU/Linux. Steam, WineHQ, emulators, native or massive. #FAQ: About performance in GNU/Linux vs Windows check this video [GNU/Linux vs Windows ]( Do you use a webcam? No i don't and i'll not Trying to use all free software.

Actually playing

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- CSGO - Albion Online - LOL - KSP - MAME - Prision Arquitect - Chess - GangBeast - Enter the Gungeon - All you can imagine


Motherboard MSI B350 gamming pro CPU AMD Ryzen Octacore 4Gh MEM 32GB RAM 2666 Mhz GPU MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11GB Mouse Trust GTX 3i Headset SADES SA-901 Mousepad CM Storm SteamLink Xbox360 GamePad + boundle Steering Wheel Logitech Force GT


¿You want to donate? Of course you can ¿What ill do with the money? Just make better stream.

My cat

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This princess is the boss of the stream, some time she shutdowns it [Traducir esto al español]('t%20and%20i'll%20not%0A%0ATrying%20to%20use%20all%20free%20software.%0A%0AFollow%20me%20on%20GNUSocial%20(NO%20Twitter)'m%20native%20spanish%20speaker%20but%20i%20can%20undertand%20english%2C%20and%20can%20talk%20it%20not%20too%20much%20well%2C%20but%20enough.%0A%0AMy%20own%20nightbot%0AI%20write%20this%20python%20bot%20for%20those%20who%20don'


Ask your questions in chat please. I'm native spanish speaker but i can undertand english, and can talk it not too much well, but enough.