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Streaming Dead by Daylight with 4 viewers

Call me Juggs or lette-.. (aka) MamaKizzie🤘🏽 Always look forward to chatting with people and having some fun!!! I have a donation link so I can purchase better streaming gear working progress. Thank you to all my followers and subscribers much love to you all !!! ❤️🤗👀

About Me

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I'm a 45 year old gamer mom. My favorite game at the moment is Dead by Daylight. I love playing games with my kids as well. We play Fortnite, Minecraft, Fall Guys and a few others. I like horror games, chillin and vibin
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**18+ ONLY** 1. Don't be an asshole 2. Respect yourself and other viewers 3. Don't be a weirdo
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If you want a chill vibed discord, you're more than welcomed to join. Meet new people, share memes, laugh and have a good time!
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If you want to donate directly to me, you can donate to my cashapp. I know some people don't like donating through Twitch, so I figured this could be another way. I am very thankful for all donations but they aren't required!