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EN PNGtuber | Crafty Canadian. Eldritch Being. Artist of many things. Drinker of juice boxes. Caffiend.

Bot Commands

>***!commands*** - to see the list of commands >***!lurk*** - show love while you're busy with things >***!glasses*** - I should be wearing my glasses... >***!save*** - remind me to save my progress >***!focus*** - tell me I'm getting distracted >***!quote*** - brings up a quote in chat >***!addquote*** - Adds a quote to the list >***!hug*** - show some love >***!d20*** - roll a d20! >***!fc*** - Switch friend code >***!discord*** - Invite to the discord

About the Juicebox

>Hi, Juicebox here! Just your average crafty Canadian, who's taken up casually streaming. >I like drawing character art, monsters/creatures and various fanarts. I also enjoy playing games! >My drawing stream is a chill place for everyone to just relax and slow down (even me, cause I get easily distracted talking to chat). So rest your feet, stay a while and chat with me! :D


>+ Be respectful. This is meant to be a safe space for everyone. >+ Try not to cause drama and don't unload your trauma. >+ Be chill, eh.


>*Software:* Clip Studio Paint EX >*Tablet:* HUION Kamvas 13 Pen Display >Capture Card HD60 S >Model and emotes made by me. >TTS minimum is 50 bits.