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Come join me on an adventure where I die a lot and don't learn anything!

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My parents always said if only I could make a career out of playing videogames, I would make a fortune! Jokes on them, I'm still broke! #(very) Frequently Asked Questions: **Where are you from?** Los Angeles. **When do you stream?** Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and sometimes Saturdays! **What kind of PC do you have?** [This kind!]( **Can you dance on stream?** I cant even dance in real life. **Like my panels? Check out [Soleil](** **Like my Sub Badges? Check out [Uber_Nerd](** **Like my intro screen? Image by [vectorpouch](**
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##When I'm not streaming, I'm often trolling social media! + [Twitter]( + [Instagram]( + [Facebook]( + [YouTube]( ###Don't forget [DISCORD!]( Come join our quirky family <3
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You can also donate at https://ko-fi/jupiterrjazz !!! Want to help support the stream but cant spend the cash monays? You can download free mobile games and earn free donations and subs to the channel with [Quest Mode!!!](