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Last live 6 months ago

On hiatus until about October. Miss yall and will see you in the fall!

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Avid music music collector and started DJing in 2017. Cut my teeth in the Boston/RI punk/rockabilly/ska scene in the 90's before moving out to San Diego for the 2000's and finally here to Japan back in 2006. Life long fan of metal, punk, kitsch, and rockabilly with a healthy appreciation for Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Showa Kayo, and all sorts of oddities that never made it onto the radio. Recently moved to Seattle, used to spin in Tokyo and Yokohama with a regular residency at Club Heavy Sick and in support of local acts in the Garage Punk scene as well as guesting in Osaka for THE BEAT!!! and Night Beat Radio.


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-Turntables: Technics 1200 Mk3D -Cartridge: Taruya 01-M -Mixer: Technics 1200 SH-DX1200 -Headphone: Literally a telephone I modded :D -Mic: SHURE SM58 -Audio Interface: Focusrite 4i4 -Cameras: Logitech 920c


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I don't normally do this on the first date but you're cute ;) But seriously, donations are not solicited but greatly appreciated. All proceeds go into records and equipment unless you say otherwise, also don't be bashful if we meet in the world, I definitely owe you a beer.


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Lowbrow swag for lowbrow folks. Click the banner if ya nasty. Current designs from Tokyo's own Evil Jay. You can check out his work at or over on his Instagram at

About the art

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"Starting Soon" screen and the boarder for this stream were illustrated by @aiden_is . Dig it? Looking to commission some weirdness for your stream? Just looking for some rad low brow art content? Shoot him a follow at