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All about that inherent groove.


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Pioneer Nexus DJM-900NSX2 2 Pioneer CDJ3000 2 Pioneer XDJ1000 MK2 2 Technics SL-1200 turntables V-Moda headphones iPhone 11 camera (main cam) iPhone 6 camera (doggie cam) Logitech Streamcam camera (mixer cam) Ring light Amazon toys! Light up unicorn etc.


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Karin Bash fell in love with dance music at the age of 15 after hearing Praga Khan and Lords of Acid on the indie radio station in Rochester NY. Having been raised in a musical family; everyone in bands and playing instruments or running sound; her music gene lit up when this music filled her body. When Karin moved to LA in 2000 she met her crew of fellow dance music lovers who were also dj's and learned to mix. Her first gig was at Circus Disco in 2003. She has played at Stereo Montreal, in Mallorca and Tarragona Spain, San Francisco, Denver, and many clubs in Los Angeles. Dance music is her joy and getting lost in the music and seeing people get lost on the dancefloor is her happy place. The turntables (and CDJ's!) are her contribution to her family's multi-generational musical lineage. You will hear progressive, house, trance, techno, breaks, melodic, tech, minimal and a touch of indie/industrial in her sets. Karin started dj'ing on vinyl with prog and breaks and then house. She credits Sasha as her favorite dj & producer. Karin started streaming during the Covid lockdown as a way to express her creative flow and connect with others.