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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

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Hello! My name is Karis. I love sculpting and listening to metal. It is clear to me that I draw creativity from darkness. My goal for this year is to help myself understand my passion even more. In the process I'll be taking, I wish to bring you along with me. ### TWITCH UPDATE ART Stream + Gaming Stream are now all unscheduled. I'd love to focus on my Youtube channel and keep all the fun stuff on Twitch! I'd still do art, play games and maybe some other random things. No pressure here on Twitch from now on.


### Where did you learn to sculpt? I am self taught for both traditional and digital sculpting. I started sculpting with clay back in 2014-ish. Then moved to digital sculpting recently (January 2019). My college degree is BS in Computer Science. I discovered my passion for sculpting right before graduating college. ### For digital sculpting -- What programs are you using? ZBrush is my main. I love organic sculpting. I also model in Autodesk Maya. I would like to learn Blender as well. ### For traditional sculpting -- What clay are you using? Nowadays I use Monster Clay, an oil-based clay. I can create large sculpture pieces with it (for practice or for future molding/casting) and just re-melt it to start a new sculpt. Sometimes I also sculpt with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, a two part self hardening clay. It's great for making small and sturdy sculpts or charms. I also used it once for house repair. :D ### Why did you switch to digital sculpting? I have decided to switch careers. Plus the change in setting also influenced it. I do not have a space anymore where I can sculpt and paint with an airbrush. Going digital required less space and physical materials so it was a logical decision for me. ### Are you going to upload videos again on your Youtube channel? Yes, I'll be uploading again but there's no definite date yet. It will be this year. I'm just collecting videos so I can have a stock to keep up with upload schedules. Also, thank you for subscribing. :) ### Who is 'Ani' ? He is my little boy. He's got a thousand nicknames and a very good boy. I shall summon him whenever you require his presence. :D
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