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A community focused stream that plays mostly story-heavy horror, rpgs, and puzzle games. Come say hi and join our merry crew! Ask me about the discord.

New Years Discord Party for ExtraLife! Dec 31st 2020 @3pm!

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Happy New Years from me to you! I'll be closing out 2020 with a 24 hour stream for charity! I'll be playing games from 3pm est on the 31st to 3pm New Years Day so join me on discord to celebrate! I'll be taking both game suggestions and playing with people in the discord chat so I hope you join. I also hope that if you have anything to spare, you'll help me support the Children of Philadelphia Children's Hospital. Nothing like ending the year with the spirit of giving!

New Years Discord Partyyyyyy

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Join us on Discord! Meet new friends, play some games, and more! Click the picture for a link

Friend Me on Steam!

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Friend me on Steam! My username is KatastropheKat

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My Facebook Cosplay Page: My Instagram page: My Twitter: My Youtube (desolate)


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Keep it light everyone! This is about hanging with cool people while I curse at video games and make stuff. Don't like what I do? There's literally millions of other broadcasters! No harm no foul, just move on. Other than that... Kick back, relax, and let's get goofy!

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This page is under construction! Act accordingly. Message me if you have any questions. I swear I don't bite!