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Connoisseur of cheap jokes and bootleg energy drinks~~once drank toilet RedBull with Lindsey Lohan~~Burned at the stake in 1688: SURVIVED~~Swam with Shamoo 1983: FUCKING DXED


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IT'S A FREE STREAM, but I do happen to like notifications.

We're for adults~ Seriously

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LORDY!! my language is absolutely not appropriate for those under the age of 30. But 18 is good enough for the Army, so it's good enough for me. Don't be shy, say HI!

Welcome to the show~ Screaming ensues

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I'm old~ I'm in over there by Chicago~ Future corpse. Streamer~ Bar Tender~ Skydiver~ Comedian~ Guitar Nerd YouTube: Kat Danger Vimeo: Kat_Danger

Welcome to the internet~ I love you

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SCHEDULE: Unreliable to say the least, but I lufv youwuwu. GAMES: MTG Arena. I'm a big dumb Blizz fanGasm so expect to see Classic WoW and Hearthstone Retail WoW: Shu'Halo @Katiepatrick Wyrmlol#1686

Sounds I Make~ Sounds you hear

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As you can see the music is going to be varied. I'm going to sing along. You should as well. Yes, anything is apt to be playing. You may make a song request. It may get some play. Even if it's your DIY shoegazer cell phone video on MIXER could get blasted. DIY shoegazer gets me moister than a oyster.