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~Top of the morning, my name is Kazuto and i manage the Cultured Cafe, or you can call me Yuki or whatever you wish. I am a smol dark elf who wishes to expand his customers and friends. I hope you all can enjoy my miserable and inconsistent content! Can't wait to see y'all live~


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Hello this is a little donation thingy. Please DO NOT donate if you are financially unstable, look after yourself first! Also there are two or so main things I would be spending this money on, the first being supplies for my coffee addiction, and second some new equipment to improve streaming like a new headset or mic or PC components ect. (There are no refunds and this is PURELY because I have no idea how to refund

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BING BING TOP OF MORNINGGG. I am Kazuto, or you can call me Yuki. I am a variety streamer who plays games based on what i can be bothered to play at the time, even mid-stream so uhhh sorry about that (my attention span for games that don't really catch my attention is really low).

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You found a vod you like and want to relive the experience? well i choose a select few of vods to put on my newly made youtube channel. So if you are looking for a vod before it gets deleted maybe you'll find it here, or not i like to keep it a mystery on what gets uploaded ;)

Le Blue Bird UwU

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I don't often post or really look on there to much however i like to sometimes post when i feel like i have reached a new height in terms of followers so basically follow for when i hit a certain landmark (Any and all follows on anything i use is beyond appreciated)

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It may be a bit inactive but if you join for the fun of it you get occasional pictures of my morning coffee with a side of waifu