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Mouth-breather. Soulser. Anything Pugs or Tales from the Crypt. Weirdos Welcome.


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Hello and welcome! I am kc or Jacob. I am passionate about music, pugs, gaming and being a dad to my little kc. Here you will most likely see SoulsBorne Speed and Challenge runs and occasionally meme stuff from other games. Enjoy your stay and have a good time! All are welcome here


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I will post PBs and other challenges done on my Youtube channel if you would like to follow me there.


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The only thing I ask is that you be kind and treat others with respect while you are here. No topic of conversation is off limits as long as it can be done in a civil manner.

Personal Bests/Challenges Completed

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Bloodborne: All Bosses 1:11:45 IGT Any Percent 30:31 IGT BL4 All Bosses 1:20:07 IGT BL4 Any Percent 31:37 IGT Dark Souls: All Bosses DT+5: 1:23:49 IGT Dark Souls II: All Bosses: 2:25:50 RTA No Load Challenges (all on my Youtube page) Demon's Souls - SL1 NG+5 No roll/block/parry/Morion blade all bosses Dark Souls - SL1 NG+6 no roll/block/parry/rings all bosses Dark Souls 2 - SL1 NG+7 CoC no roll/block/parry with +0 weapons all bosses Dark Souls 3 - SL1 NG+7 no roll/block/parry/rings or buffs all bosses Bloodborne - BL4 NG+6 no roll/quickstep/no runes, buffs or chalice dungeon gems all bosses Nioh First Playthrough at Level 1 (5000 deaths too)