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Lover of creative games, shooters and puzzles. In a committed relationship with #DreamsPS4

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**What are you doing?** Most likely playing Dreams, streaming Dreams or talking about Dreams. I love helping to facilitate creativity in others, and I think Dreams + Twitch presents many amazing possibilities. Occasionally I also stream tabletop games, live music and games that are not Dreams. **What’s with your name?** My Xbox gamertag was Cold Bones, but that was unavailable when I switched to Playstation. Keld Bjones is the viking alter-ego of Cold Bones. And Bjones is pronounced like “Bjork” or “fjord”, although every streamer ever calls me Keld B Jones. I forgive them all. **What’s with the cat?** That's my mascot, Asimov. When we adopted the real Azzy, he and I shared an instant bond. He would wait for me at the door every day, sleep with me, sometimes even stream with me. He was here for me during the most challenging years of my life, until 2018 when we lost him to a sudden illness. So I made Pixel Azzy, and now he hangs around to remind me to be as kind and loving to the world as he was to me.
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Do you have too much money? Would you like to give me some? Here is another way to do that. Donations are much appreciated but not expected. I love you just for being you.