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Kelwynshade streams Dead by Daylight, Dungeon Master and Words On Stream.

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Hey- I'm Kelwynshade! (Kel-Win-Shade) I love ending the evening immersing myself into a good game- and even more so with the company of friends and acquaintances alike. I love the community Twitch seems to bring together with likeminded folks. So please, stay a while and listen. GAMES COMPLETED ON TWITCH: 1. Ori: And the Blind Forest 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Elden Ring 4. Layers of Fear 5. Metal Gear Solid 1 6. Metal Gear Solid 2 7. Metal Gear Solid 3 8. Metal Gear Solid 4 9. Firewatch 10. What Remains of Edith Finch
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Want to spent time with the crew outside of Twitch? Then come along and hang out more at The Shadehouse- my official Discord Server. Hurry- go here: [THE SHADEHOUSE](
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Interested in custom music or sound effects for your stream? Send me a message! Here's a list of things I can make just for you: 1. Custom Intro Theme 2. Custom Be-Right-Back Theme 3. Custom Emote Sound Effects 4. Custom Widget Sound Effects Check out some of the other work I've done: https;// Interested? Shoot me a message!