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Variety Streamer, see schedule! ~ Opening Mystery items at 10/15/20/25 concurrent viewers (and at every bonus hype train level *wink wink*)! ~ #Veteran, #Dad, #notasweat

About Me

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#Thank you for reading my panels! I'm a casual gamer who enjoys talking trash to the computer during my games, and also talking about the game with viewers. I'm not "sweaty". I especially enjoy games where the story is either fun, or it's well written. Games I play: Minecraft, Halo (series), XCOM, Mass Effect, etc., etc., In a past life I was a Solider in the U.S. Army. Currently I am a rideshare driver (feel free to ask about that in chat).

Chat Rules

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#Rules for in chat: **Be respectful.**That should be enough. **Don't advertise your twitch in chat.** If I decide to send people to you, I'll mention you and people can click on your name to find your twitch. **You can** "back seat drive" all you want, but also accept it if I decide to ignore your suggestions. Having said that... **No spoilers.**

Top Monthly Gifter and Cheerer

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New updates coming soon! Thank you to everyone who's been supporting the channel lately! I'm figuring out how to make this more valuable to all of you!

Community Channel Points!!

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The current Community Channel Points Challenge is: TBD!

Eyes toward the future!

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#Sub Goals!!! 24 Subs = 24 hour stream!!! We made it!!! Saturday Jan. 29th to Sunday Jan. 30th is the 24 STREAM!!! Starts at 3 p.m to 3 p.m.!!! (Date changed due to illness) 50 Subs = 50 day no shave! I will keep the beard trimmed, but I will not shave it off for at least 50 days! 100 Subs = HOT TUB HUNDERED!!! I will have a "hot tub stream" (mini inflatable pool) with various unique channel point redemptions!

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Thanks for donating to my stream! Be sure and let me know what you'd like to see more of!