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Welcome to my channel. My name is Kevin and I like to play a little bit of everything, and pretty much just play to have fun. I mainly casted for in the past, but have finally decided to try starting up my own channel.


I'm not sure what kind of schedule I'll have if I do it regularly again, although I tend to game more at night.


Essentially the main rule is try to be respectful. No trolling, racism, etc. Also, please no backseat gaming. I will ask for hints if I am stuck with something.


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I originally casted for, so be sure to follow that channel as well. It is a fun loving community of gamers. *If you're not having fun, what's the point?*

About Me

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I'm just returning after a long period without streaming. I was studying English Literature at UC Berkeley and took a break, and am now working at a bookstore in Berkeley. I'm now just testing the waters with streaming again a little bit.

PC Specifications

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These are mostly still accurate, but I've updated the graphics card to a GTX 1080, and just recently bought an Astro A50 wireless headset. **GPU:** Nvidia GTX 1080 **CPU:** Hexacore Intel i7 4930k **Memory:** 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz **Storage:** 250GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD and a 1TB Western Digital Black Edition HDD **Sound Card:** SB Recond 3D PCIe **Motherboard:** ASUS P9X79 **Capture Card:** Black Magic Intensity Pro **Headset:** Astro A50 Wireless **Monitor:** 55" LG 4K 3DTV and a 19" secondary monitor.


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Any donations are greatly appreciated and will go to funding my gaming addiction or basic survival needs.
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