Cheers there! Just another guy doing some stuff on the internet.

In a nutshell

Name: keyforger, aka key Age: 25 Sex: Male Location: Switzerland Prefered genres: Stealth-Action, FPS, Indie, ...

Chat regulations

1 - Be polite to others! 2 - No spamming allowed (includes emoticons). 3 - If you post a link, would you want your dead grandmother to know what you just posted? 4 - No major talks about politics and religion. Respect others' opinions! 5 - Please write in English if possible. 6 - Respect the mods. If you feel like a mod doesn't behave as (s)he should, notify me! 7 - Respect the channel bot. No feeding and no petting. 10 - Poor trolling attempts are punishable with a 69 second timeout. 11 - Bad luck rule omitted.